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Thread: Endorsement of an awesome reclaimed wood magnetic knife bar maker

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    Welcome Keegan - that's a really slick knife bar I like it.

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    Etsy is a great way to connect with craftsmen (and women)! I had a quilt made for my daughter, custom fabrics and size for 375. Really a great way to find something unique!

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    I don't really like the whole "green" thing. I prefer my things to be made out of the rarest things possible preferably things that are extinct or endangered, makes it unique and difficult to obtain or re-create.

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    wow, that second link to Annie's is a lot cheaper, less than half price plus its 3 inches longer to boot. If i had a place for it would do it, but sadly I bought a massive knife block to house all my random shrapnel (altho its all crap aside from my CN lol)

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