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Thread: Arizona Desert Ironwood

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    Ironwood is incredible stuff. Cocobolo is a great alternative, though.

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    Here are a couple of recent (this week) rehandle projects. One in flame maple and desert ironwood the other in ironwood with brass pins and mosaic that I made.

    Kono HD 270 kiritsuke gyuto

    Kanetsune Hankotsu

    My Hiro AS 270 in ironwood burl with sapwood I did a couple of months ago

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    Nicely done!

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    Very nice Mike. That flame maple is awesome. That cutting board in the first shot is pretty wild too.
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    I like 'em all Mike. My fave is that Hiro though, a really sexy piece of wood. I've never tried a Hiro, but really want to one day.
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    nice work mike9

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