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Thread: My belt sander is attacking me - help!

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    Quote Originally Posted by sachem allison View Post
    take it outside, douse it with gasoline, set it on fire, unzip your pants and piss on it.
    This is generally good advice for any problems, especially if they are computer related.

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    The Navy spent a lot of money training me on things electronic many years ago. I apologize if over simplifying - I wrote like I was tyring to explain it to my sister...

    Unplug machine.
    Beg, Borrow or buy a cheap multimeter. 10 bucks will get you a new shiny one. I like analog for continuity checking. Digital ok.

    Plug the two leads in and set to measure ohms or kohms. They may use the greek symbol for omega.
    Keeping ends apart note how meter shows open (usually far left, no deflection, or "max")
    Touch pointy ends together and look for deflection of needle to far right or zero if digital. Adjust for 0 if available on meter.
    Touch one pointy end to flat blade of plug and other pointy end to the round part of plug. (ground)
    If any deflection on meter go to step 2.
    Depress trigger.
    If any deflection on meter go to step 2.
    Repeat on other flat blade.

    Step 2. If any deflection observed you are getting AC where you don't want AC. It is dangerous - don't plug in or operate machine. See Son's post or look for someone that can effect repair. If you elect repair, repeat check before plugging in.


    Older and wider..

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    If you're getting a true shock, not just static a pop, I would check for a faulty ground wire or a loose neutral.
    Could be in the motor or cabinet, the outlet, junction box or the breaker panel.
    If any electrical work has been done anywhere in your house that would be the first place to check the joints.


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    Thanks for your tips, everyone. Before I had read all your recommendations, I vacuumed it out, blew pressured air into it (and now all my wood looks the same grayish color...), checked for loose parts, put on a new belt and it seemed to work fine today. Not exactly sure what did it, and I will definitely keep an eye on it and come back to your tips when needed. I even have a multimeter somewhere - well, I moved from a packed 2 bedroom apartment to a small room, and heaven knows in which of the 60 boxes the meter is...


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