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Thread: Marko Tsourkan Prototype Honesuki

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    Quote Originally Posted by pumbaa View Post
    ohh and what you doing with the tojiro? you know me lol
    Knifeknerds Tojiro??? There's nothing left on that thing but a freaking handle!!!
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    Had the same style prototype from Marko and it became my favorite small knife not just for disjointing chickens, but also in-hand work, fine dicing, etc. If I had a carbon and a stainless one I could think of dumping all my smaller knives. These are very versatile and with the straight blade, VERY easy to sharpen.

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    ohh theory i know lol seriously it had no kanji left on it that i remember

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    Thanks for the review Knerd - Mark got any plans for a Hankotsu version?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike9 View Post
    Thanks for the review Knerd - Mark got any plans for a Hankotsu version?
    Hankotsu never appealed to me, to be honest, so the short answer is no.

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    Sorry to hear that Marko - that is one badass looking profile and I can imagine it in a 210mm length.

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