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Thread: Shrinking Scales?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chefdog View Post
    Will the standard pakkawood type scales respond to soaking in mineral oil? I guess there's no potential harm in trying right?
    I'm not sure but like you said there's no harm trying it.

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    A couple more thoughts...

    Different woods/scales will expand/contract different amounts with humidity than others, so some scales are naturally less prone to shrinking than others, although all will do so to some extent. Also, woods expand/contract at different rates in different directions, so the orientation of the grain can make a difference also.

    Mineral oil is a finish that never hardens in the wood. It is a good food-safe finish (great for cutting boards, for example) and easy to apply, but must be replenished regularly (especially if the wood is washed) and won't do as good of a job at sealing wood against expansion/contraction as other hardening finishes. It still helps though. And of course you'll never see it delaminating from the wood surface or chipping off.


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    I live in a climate where everything shrinks. Sometimes I will just sand the tang a bit to ease the feel of the shinking scale. I have never had one bounce back with mineral oil, but like Dave said, it can't hurt to try.

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    If it is pakkawood then it's just a laminate. Not sure how much a mineral oil will help/penetrate but you could try it. If you have access to a cryovac machine you could always try to vacuum the knife in the mineral oil on high pressure to try and force it in there a bit. I do this on regular wooden handles and sayas to great effect.
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    good idea! =D

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    The scales on my Hiro shrank and the tang was sharp so I replace them with Ironwood. I have the same problem on my Hankotsu so that will be getting new slabs soon.

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    I just noticed the "resin-stabilized" scales on my old Tojiro shrank significantly. Depending on your climate, it can happen to lots of things. It sounds like you now have a good excuse to rehandle!

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