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Thread: best stainless

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    I don't recal what Devins PM stainless is, but its my favorite.

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    AEB-L and DT mystery PM
    For semi-stainless, A2 is excellent choice

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marko Tsourkan View Post
    For semi-stainless, A2 is excellent choice
    Yes it is.

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    CPM154, S35VN, AEB-L and I have had good luck with VG1.

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    my favor are Harner's Carpenter XHP, DT's AEB-L. for semi-stainless: yoshikane's SLD......heard good review about S35VN but never has chance to try it!!
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    I just sliced up a white onion with my kikuichi chef knife and surprisingly it didn't brown them. I was pretty astonished. When I first got the knife they turned black instantly but now the knife has a heavy patina so I guess things are fine now.

    I can't speak for all carbon knives but the one I have is at least somewhat non-reactive after it's grows itself a thick patina

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    Some carbon steels aren't as reactive as others. My CCKs, Sabs and Sugimoto's have all been super reactive and need to be wiped frequently, but I sliced about 20kilos of red and brown onion yesterday between my Konosuke #6 and Masamoto KS (both white 2) and had zero discolouration, or atleast, none that I could see. The Konosuke has a solid patina built up but has never been particularly reactive anyway and the Masamoto is new so it's patina is pretty weak at the moment.

    It's interesting to see the difference between the reactivity of the same steels, like the Sugimoto which is supposeably white 2 as well but stains like mad when new and the others. It would be interesting to hear why they can be such a large variance; different batches of steel? HT? I'm sure cladding will have some part to play.

    To the question at hand, I'm a big fan of the Sugimoto CM steel and whatever Mizuno use for their "Swedish stainless", these feel about as close to carbon on the stones out of the stainless knives I've used. I'd suggest you could also look at a stainless clad, carbon knife, a la Hiromoto AS, Gengetsu etc


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    Quote Originally Posted by Lefty View Post
    CPM154, S35VN, AEB-L and I have had good luck with VG1.
    Hey Lefty which VG-1 knife do you use? I've got Fujiwara Kanefusa FKV Yanagiba in VG-1 and it is bad. It doesn't hold it's edge.

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    For kitchen knives, CPM-154 or AEB-L.

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    Having worked with my first AEB-L gyuto, I cannot say at all that it performs like a carbon blade but it's certainly nice for stainless. The BEST for stainless has got to be R2. My Tanaka has been a pure joy to sharpen and use.

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