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Thread: Cutting a stone?

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    nice! Looks all professional and stuff.
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    A little update. My first stab at this was with an inadequate Harbor Freight $49 saw. I was able to cut the oil stone okay with it and it turned out that the doubts I had about it were not unfounded. I made a couple of cuts with it on the Suehiro stone I got for the trial run. I picked up a $400+ tile saw from a craigslist ad today for $60. Score! This saw will let me make cuts with more precision. I still have some tweaking to do but I'm please with the results so far.

    As you can see with the bottom picture, it can make a pretty thin cut. the bottom side of the thin slice was with the blade on the HF saw it was chipping the Suehiro stone a little. The top of the slice was on the better saw.

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    looks good. awesome work!

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