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Thread: deba knives: be honest

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    Only fish with my current deba and a few ducks when I had a 210 mioroshi; the ducks were really out of curiosity though. It did the job well enough, but I can do the same task quicker and probably better with a victorinox paring knife. Yeah, you can use a deba for pretty much anything, just as you could use a yanagi to split cabbage and dice butter; but why would you want to? Other than the fact they're just cool to use.


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    Deba is much more versatile than one would typically think. Its great for tartar and mincing herbs for example. And since it's a traditional, one-sided knife, it's sharper than your typical gyuto.

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    I must apologize already.

    But *** is most of the BS here about? Patronizing? Zen-ning?
    How can any of you/us no samurai, no swordmaker, no knifemaker, not even a real japanese with 6 years washing rice experience talk shite about whats what meant to do?
    Forums experts.

    Yeah, so I have 3 debas, wouldnt have any problem cutting pumpkin with it, or a chicken for that matter. To say it is the right tool for the job? No it is not but if you or you think its good for chicken, then thats truth for you. And its nobody elses business.

    I tried chicken, a few and that actually went quite bad cause the knife feels to heavy and is too big definitely can do the job better with paring knife?
    I mean, if you about to break the joint and need two hands, you have to put it down and pick up again just a clunky piece of gear for that[talking 21cm blade]. imho.
    But haha try to cut out the oysters with cleaver... yeah, for sure goes well.

    Never tried pumpkin cause have better knives to handle pukpkin the way I like. It can go nice with a bread knife, if theres one hanging around.

    But I did slicing of onions, spring onions, lemons - that is very cool actually. I wedged through many carrots - again not the tool for the job but so I guess its time to be honest and realize they dont want me in Japan.

    Oh ducks? Both raw and cooked. Trimming of breast is a pleasure if you like soooo much weight in your hand. Cooked duck sliced in half lengthwise to remove ribcage? There ya go!!

    So yeah knife for fish mostly for me, but also for experimenting what it could work with.

    Oh forgot to mention opened many beer bottles with the top of the right side. Now that it was made for.
    I tried to use my Sandokans Sword for that but unfortunately almost took out an eye of the wife who was standing two metres away!

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    Be careful, Bienek. I think you broke so many knife rules maybe you can be arrested. Yes, maybe they can never let you enter into Japan.

    Okay, now forget the fish. I will try my deba on everthing else.

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    there is no right or wrong use for a knife, its what ever you use it for at the moment... personally i find deba pointless, hate cleavers and nakiris too, i rather use a gyuto.

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    Fish only. Not that I couldn't use it for other things, I just don't like it for anything else. Have a bunch of other stuff for that.
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    I have a 50/50 carter deba, a little aji knife, one giant cheap 240 beater deba, 180 shun, and a few times I borrow some sabun deba from another guy on sushi bar. I've played with using them on lots of different things, but for me its only an upgrade to use on fish.

    Furthermore, the better quality harder ones will chip more, and I've already started to see how easy I can chip the 2 doi yanagi I have. As a guy who has washed rice for 6 years and is cleaning fish more now ... I would maybe go further and say that for a very good deba you only use only on fish, AND make sure you do it well. I see some guys on sushi bar who can work very fast, but upgrade to nicer knives and chips everywhere because they work drunk or careless.

    Most of you know better than me, so this is just my guess. Maybe I trick someone into bst a good deal on nice deba LoL.

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    The question in the thread was clear: be honest what you are using/used your deba on.

    Me myself am a man who uses nailbrush and srcub knives and uses bleach on cutting board between jobs and would love to wash rice for six years [maybe in some other life] and at work I use my knives thoughtfully and geenrally as intended. However at home, when freshly sharpened, such knife can be used in many ways

    But saying that who here uses sujihiki just for slicing?
    Do you have sushikiri for maki rolls? I think actually in every place Ive been chef used his yanagi/suji for that.

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    Sushikiri I was always told was only for futomaki which we only make for friends and very good customer.

    I wasn't trying to jump on the purist wagon, just saying as I've definitely tried using deba for poultry and other things I stopped over time because I didn't enjoy it. Although, I do like to dock shrimp tails for tempura with my little one... so there that exception.

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    Duck with Mioroshi.

    Starting this harvest I'm a starving startling artist/
    Lyrical arsonist it's arduous spitting this smartest arsenic/

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