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Thread: Gesshin Damascus Stainless Yanagiba Sneak Peek

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    Gesshin Damascus Stainless Yanagiba Sneak Peek

    Just a sneak peek before we put these guys up... stainless damascus yanagiba in 240mm, 270mm, and 300mm

    (sorry for the crappy cell phone pics)

    They are stainless steel (sadly, not something we can share at the makers request) at 61hrc. They come with d-shaped rosewood handles with a white spacer... and maybe the coolest thing is that the saya pin is attached to the saya by a string, so you never have to worry about loosing one again

    They will be up for sale very soon... the pricing should be as follows (i just have to double check a few things)

    240mm= $190
    270mm= $215
    300mm= $250

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    Whoa! They look great, love that white spacer, and low price too! Nice addition, Jon!

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    Wow. Looks great. Can't wait. Just in time too, I'm in the market
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    Yanagibas are one of the few areas where I don't see any need for stainless steel, that said those look killer and for a crazy low price.

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    I like that handle and saya. I wish my pins were attached.

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    Matching gyuto coming????

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    At first look I thought, "Jon got some more cool stuff I will never be able to afford", then I scrolled down to the price.

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    iven been wanting a yangi at that price its hard to beat, anything from jon i know is of high quality so im sure they will perform well.

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    Can't see the kanji, is that a Ginga or a new line?

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    new line... just gesshin this time.

    Sadly, just yanagiba in this line. sorry... no gyutos.


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