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Thread: deba knives: be honest

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    deba knives: be honest

    I have one deba only and was just cooking, and I noticed again that I used my deba for cutting a pumpkin. Not so much fish.

    So I am wondering - yes, purist thinkers can be upset now, but be honest - how do you use your deba knives?

    I think for me it is the majority for hard vegetables, and sometimes for a chicken, etc. Fish, yes, sometimes but it is hard to find nice fish I want to cut. For me maybe fish is only 10%20%. I am wondering if most people are really the same?

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    Senior Member Benuser's Avatar
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    The problem is it's a heavy blade with a relatively fragile edge. Take care.

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    Of course! Always careful, even if I am cutting the 'incorrect' thing. Oh, and you didn't answer the question.

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    I cut fish with mine. Why did you buy a deba if you aren't cutting fish?
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    the heavy weight of a deba helps with getting through bones.. the whole "letting the knife do most of the work" really comes through on this front

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    Not in light preps but for bulk. Always in seasonal time when I have to smoke (for friends and family also) lots of salmons. For the hunting times... pretty good to for trimming deers. Also when we are doing lambs or Berkshire pork (kurubota) ''à la broche.. (rotating upper a wood fire). Useful for me. I never think in % of time but in utility tools.

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    Uh-oh. Looks like I will get a lecture.

    Of course I bought it for fish. That's their purpose. However, I seem to have more good pumpkins than fish.

    Maybe people are shy to admit using a knife for the wrong thing. But it's okay, you won't be arrested!

    Montrachet - nice, your food sounds good

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    Fish - 100%.
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    I use mine for fish only. I have used to for vegetable prep once but it was only to text out an edge on it (since it was my first time sharpening a single bevel knife.) Since then, only on fish. Honestly, if I were to use it on vegetables, a pumpkin would probably not be my first choice. I would prefer to use one of my gyutos or even a suji...


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    Quote Originally Posted by chuck239 View Post
    Honestly, if I were to use it on vegetables, a pumpkin would probably not be my first choice. I would prefer to use one of my gyutos or even a suji...
    Deba - just to open the hard pumpkin and gyuto after that.

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