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Thread: Marko Tsourkan 225mm Overview

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill13 View Post
    Now I am confused about this machi stuff. I thought the machi was the small 1 or 2 mm notch that occurs after the emoto. Which is which?
    yes, you are right! I mean I like longer Emoto(neck) with no machi for wa-gyuto! sorry for the confuse...
    Charles ***[All statements I made here only my personal opinion and nothing more!]*** & Please bare with me for my crappy English!!

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    Great! It's comforting to be right when I am wrong so often I was wondering if the terms might be almost interchangeable or if people for ease of writing used machi for both machi and emoto.
    I still don't understand the need/desire for the machi, it looks to me to be a place for food to collect. Why is there a machi on some knife styles and not on others? At first I thought it might be a mistake where the handle cut out was too shallow

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    Quote Originally Posted by cclin View Post
    yes, you are right! I mean I like longer Emoto(neck) with no machi for wa-gyuto! sorry for the confuse...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marko Tsourkan View Post
    Thanks for review and suggestions. I will make changes on machi lengh and will give geometry another look.

    I have comparatively limited experience with wa handles, but one of the things that stands out the more time I spend using one, is that the extra length from handle to choil can be awkward or helpful depending on the situation (especially for someone more used to western style handles). I think a happy medium between western and wa as far as machi length might be better for some people than a standard, longer length.
    IMHO, YMMV, my $.02, etc...

    ETA: Either way, this handle looks really nice. I think everyone should use the tapered ferrule, seems like it would be more comfortable, and it looks awesome.

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    Just want to report on the edge retention on Marko's current HT: i have had the knife for about a 1.5 months and i only sharpened it the first day i got it. I have touched it up twice on diamond strop and once on jnat for a smoother edge as i was slicing scallops very thin. it only requires a few passes on strop and will come right back and hold it for over a week in a pro kitchen. I am not easy on my edges either we are a busy restaurant and don't have time for that haha.

    anyways just so you guys know great edge retention as well as expected i guess nothing but the best from Marko!

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