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Thread: WTB: Usuba and Deba in Ginsanko (or other good stainless steel)

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    WTB: Usuba and Deba in Ginsanko (or other good stainless steel)

    OK, I'm in the market for a usuba and a deba in Ginsanko (or other good quality stainless steel). Ideally, I want a 210mm Ginsanko Usuba and a 210 Ai Deba/Mioroshi Deba. This is for a friend of mine so I'm looking to get something used on the cheaper end. If you have something similar (like a 195mm Ginsanko Usuba) or a price point that's too hard to ignore, then let me know!

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    I have the Suisin Ginsanko 210mm Mioroshi Deba from Jon and like it a lot. Although new it's about 2/3 price of IH, it's still not cheap. I've not seen one posted for sale used but you may get lucky.

    Or you could get your friend white steel and a towel


    Older and wider..

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    Any particular reason looking for stainless? I have a 210 kaneshige usuba in white steel that is pretty much new and can do a good deal if you are interested!

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    I notice BluewayJapan have started selling a few ginsanko yanagis, you could perhaps send an email and ask about debas and usubas?

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