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Thread: New Ken Onion line/ vendor complaints about reviews

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lefty View Post

    Lamson is trying VERY VERY hard to get back into the high-end market. They're starting to understand what they need to do. These knives aren't exactly what is needed, but it shows that they give a crap.

    I think that writing a knife off because it is Lamson made is pure crap. The guys over there are really trying to get why we like thin, over purely bulletproof. Honestly, those guys give a ****.
    Fair enough, it just seems that all the knives they make wind up better after some serious thinning/edge work. Not that most knives don't improve, just that it seems more necessary with theirs out of the box. I would love to see a large American company (Lamson would be great) start to make some serious steel, but until they 'finish' grinding the knives I think they still need to get some crap as motivation to improve. If the knife resellers sent stuff back to be finished they would learn rather quickly. You might think that Lamson if they really are getting serious would put out a serious knife with their own name on it--I think more people are familiar with Lamson than some of the other knives they make including Ken Onion (talking about the general public here, and maybe I am wrong). I also realize that creating your own distribution network is not something that happens overnight and without people in the know.

    Oh and I have no experience with Ken Onion knives, and hope to keep it that way--though I just looked at a few of the folders they make and they look very nice and the price seems fair. I must say that his kitchen knives do look like artwork (pretty good artwork at that) more than kitchen tools.


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    Why must you be so classy??? Haha. I'll agree with you on...I think...your whole post. They should do that!

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    Those handles look like they would hurt!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lefty View Post
    I've finally found my calling....

    Really? Wanna send me some? Haha
    Same as in nz..

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    I've never seen any of Kenny's non-kitchen knives. I think the kitchen ones are butt-ugly. I mean who holds a knife like that? Who Chawp Chawp Chawps like that ????
    I do think it would be awesome for Lamson to start making some respectable knives. It's great that they are American and have been around forever. How much/what does it take to produce a knife through them?
    I'm sure some of us forum members could execute better designs than the Kennys and the SeaKayTeaGee lines commissioned to Lamson & Goodnow.
    Lefty should commission his own line of crazy Lefty knives!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beohbe View Post
    I'm 99.9% certain that the only reason the accugrip thing was added was so he could brag about how many housewives have had his balls in their hands...
    And 99.9% percent of housewives that have used that knife thought to themselves, "This ball is very small"?
    "Don't you know who he is?"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Von blewitt View Post
    In Australia your last name is a toothpaste

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    I'll say one thing, that Chef Tony sure does appreciate a nice fan...

    Starting this harvest I'm a starving startling artist/
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    The first time I saw a Ken Onion knife I thought it looked ridiculous . I assumed it would be very awkward and poorly balanced. It wasn't. I don't own one, but have used one. I can understand why any number of cooking enthusiasts might like it, although I agree it wouldn't be my top choice for a full day of prep. It's not designed for the types that love this forum, but it certainly makes a lasting impression . I've used much worse.
    It would be a pretty cool project if, as a group, we could come up with a design worthy of a minimum run order at Lamson. I'd be happy to kick in more than my share. Some pretty "sharp" guys on this forum worth listening to.

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    The thing about Lamson is they forgot how good of a knife maker they were. For 100 + years they were one of the best in America. They made super paper thin, distal tapered carbon steel knives that could compete with any one in the world. The problem with most of these companies is as time went by the old knife makers who knew how to do it died or retired and it was too expensive to train a new guy what it took a lifetime to learn. They modernized there equipment, got rid of most of the skilled staff through time and attrition. Machines couldn't finesse it like a person could. Yes they kept a lot of the hand finishing but, with out that experience, there is now a huge learning curve. They are trying and they are getting better at it. You would be surprised at what they are willing to do to get this market. It just takes a little more time and they'll start to remember and prove how good they are. I wish them luck.

    Remember a lot of the fit and finish issues and the over/ under grinds and poor heat treat are a direct result of the designer, commisionner not inspecting and holding the company accountable. If I design a product and you make it to my spec. it better be right or I will send it back every time until it is right. If I am willing to take it as is even if it doesn't meet my standard because, I want to get it to market bugs be damned then it's on me and I suck not the manufacturer. This is a business and all parties have a responsibility.

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