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Thread: New Ken Onion line/ vendor complaints about reviews

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    Quote Originally Posted by Justin0505 View Post
    ...Every contour of the turd handles were smooth, symmetrical, well finished and well attached to the blades.
    At least the F&F on the turd handle is good


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    Quote Originally Posted by split0101 View Post
    As I read this, I instantly got flashbacks of the movie Ghost and the pottery wheel scene. I hope it worked out for you the same way, lol.
    HAHA! Well, there was some cooling and eating in between, and a really lame movie, but eventually...yeah...something like that =p.

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    So tonight in my Fine Dining class at school, a student breaks out a Ken Onion Shun Bread knife. Not a fan of Onion's or Shun's, but the weird handle/bolster actually works in this setup. Asked him about it and he said he would never use a knife with that bolster on anything but a bread knife, I quickly agreed. It actually fit quite well. He said he got it through another student who had a hookup (I think the person worked at SLT) for $30. I was like, "man, I would pay $30 for this all day." It could have used a little length, seemed to be around 210 mm, and wasn't quite a MAC or Tojiro, but for the price, hell yes. It had a scalloped edge by the way. I told him if he came here he could learn how to sharpen it (it needed it), but hey, that stuff is way beyond my patience and ability, and the other students as well, after seeing his other edges.

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