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Thread: Wood For Stock Handles - Need Input

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    Wood For Stock Handles - Need Input

    I am greatly enjoying the input you guys give me, and I shamelessly asking for more.

    I have a good amount of cocobolo and it has been my choice for stock knives handles so far. I also have a good amount of tiger maple, blond and reddish. Some of the sections are as dense as some of the curly koa. I am thinking to send some for stabilizing and using it for handle material. I also have birdseye maple, quilted maple, and blistered maple.
    I can get some good lacewood and leopard wood. In fact, I can get a lot of wood from my local lumber yard. They have like 80 species on hand.

    Now should I dye maple and other woods or should I leave it natural?

    Also, if you can think of wood that is readily available (preferred domestic hardwood), that is moderately priced, I would definitely consider it. Ironwood, Koa and other types,that often have to be purchased by block might not fit this category well.

    I have a field in Stock Knives Survey for wood choice for handles (Others), but this is thread is to give me some new ideas.

    Thank you.

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    I'm a big fan of the cocobolo. I also like maple burl.

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    I like the current 'look' of your handles. As to dyed wood, it might be good if requested, but your usual dark American (central American I guess for cocobolo) hardwoods seem to do the trick.
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    Leaving the wood natural seems more inline with your "brand", but maybe that's just me. In general, I prefer natural undyed wood.

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    I like natural wood color , no dyed wood for me!!
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    I have seen some gorgeous pieces of stabilized redwood and maple, and really like central american red logwood.
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    I like walnut and I see you have made some knives with it

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    Natural, no dyed, goes well with your aesthetics. I really like the dark hard wood handles. However, having options for different woods for personalization or special run could prove interesting. America is about customizations...

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    I like highly figured redwood. They get those eyes that just look like floating ghosts to me. So cool. I do not mind dyed woods, but in your case I would stick to natural toned dyes. Dark browns, black, maybe even a dark burgundy. Certainly no bright greens, reds or blues.
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    When I think Marko, dyed woods definitely don't come to mind. I like the classics, cocobolo and ironwood.

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