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Thread: Why don't you sit on it !?!?!!?

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    It's to hold whatever you're slicing in place. Occupational therapists recommend them for people with weakness in one hand.
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    Wouldn't catch that stuck in my hams . . .

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    I think my aunt has one o those, she keeps it right above the drawer full of plastic-handled grocery-store "knives" that are all so dull I was never sure at thanksgiving if I was better off trying to slice the turkey with the spine or the blade
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    The lady at 1:30 in this video uses one of these.. (notice her hand motion when she says "sharpening them")

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    Sorry, but Rick (Theory)'s comment made me laugh. Like actually sitting here, looking like a weirdo laughing by myself laughing. "Also it's stupid". Haha. I dunno why, but that got me.

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    Yeah, both "it's stupid" and the star fox comment had me laughing. This after I had spent a good minute looking at the picture, trying to figure out what the heck it really was. The main thought that kept going through my head was reading about some guy in India who could lay on a bed of only 4 nails.
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    I bet the spikes are to keep the meat elevated, and not necessarily to hold it steady, by simply sitting it in place, instead of pushing it down into the spikes...
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    It's stupid... That's classic.

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