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Thread: Medium stones Test

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    Medium stones Test

    I made new blog about Naturals Medium stones
    There are to many pictures to upload so please read it on my blog.

    Test include Iyoto, Coarse Aoto, Aizu, Blue Aoto and Hakka


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    Beautiful stones as always Maksim. Thanks for the post and pictures

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    A very nice review. You have a very nice range of medium sharpeners there, Max. These stones are the most important tools for a perfect result.

    I have tried out several Iyoto and they perform very differently. Good Iyo is equally hard to find as good Aoto these days. Personally I prefer the softer Iyo stones to the harder, but my Iyoto is quite similar to yours in sharpning qualities. Fairly hard, fairly agressive and a very good medium sharpener. And I believe the wooden pattern on some of these stones is just beautiful.
    Here are a couple of pictures of my Iyo...


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    I think it is not my last Iyoto yes there are different hardness of these ones i went for coarsest 800+ but it seems lot finer to me and harder then he described hehe
    Its not a bad thing but i want to try softer too

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    I believe the above Iyo is in the #1500-2000 range. Lv4


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    No, sorry Max. I got a large soft stone from 330mate but it was just a "paper weight" stone, so I threw it out to make space for other stones.
    I have found no connection between colour and hardness, or grit however.


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    Thanks for the post of Medium stone. The picture show very beautiful. I really impressed by the stone picture.

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    I'm not finished with my spectroscopic analysis. I'll report my findings in the morning.
    Starting this harvest I'm a starving startling artist/
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    Quote Originally Posted by ThEoRy View Post
    I'm not finished with my spectroscopic analysis. I'll report my findings in the morning.
    what are you analyzing?

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