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Thread: Possible Lamson Collaboration Line of Knives

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    What about Cocobolo, I like my knives with handles made from it.

    And on a more practical note: how does one get on the list for buying this knife....

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    yeah, they sure are. i like the handle on chuckles martell, but the other martell is amazing.

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    While Dave's handle is the most comfortable western handle I have ever used, I think we need to acknowledge how sh!tt^ it would be to use his forum as a vehicle to steal his design.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ThEoRy View Post
    Shape yes, pins no. Too many, and odd always looks better than even.
    I always likes the look of a few more smaller pins opposed to three big rivets, especially on a gloss black handle. I think it makes it look more refined.

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    I would say skip the bolsters, coke bottle shaping, extra pins, etc and go with simple scales. If you want that stuff, get it done in the aftermarket. Or maybe Tom could commission a few different special handles from some of our craftsman here and sell them as upgrades or special editions.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnnyChance View Post
    I would say skip the bolsters, coke bottle shaping, extra pins, etc and go with simple scales. If you want that stuff, get it done in the aftermarket. Or maybe Tom could commission a few different special handles from some of our craftsman here and sell them as upgrades or special editions.

    The more time and effort you put into the handle, the more the price of this knife is going to increase - substantially.

    BTW - from what I recall, that Gesshin Ginga Honyaki handle in the picture with small pins in the handle is a special order and a significantly higher price.
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    Thanks for posting those pics Charlie!

    The "other" Martell in the photo belongs to Karring (Mr. Drinky) but is actually hanging on my wall ATM. It's actually a bit bigger / less rounded / more wedge-shaped than mine (the one that Chuckles currently has / posted pics of).

    My reason for posting this was that I see the "coke bottle" and the Martell "wedge" as 2 of the most successful and evolved / refined variants of simple "slab sided" western handles. I certainly wasn't advocating making an exact copy of any existing maker's handle; but just wanted to post these 2 as good examples of each style so we could pick a direction and then start to narrow it down.

    A comfortable, durable handle is, IMO one of the most important parts of a knife, and I'd like the handle on this knife to be good enough that you really would never NEED to replace it for any reason other than wanting something with more bling, so I'm opposed to totally vanilla "slab" scales or cheap, non-stabilized wood. Every western handle that I've ever seen that's made out of domestic hardwood has had some problem with shrinking, cracking or needing constant oil. I think that would be totally unacceptable on this this knife. Still, I understand if the majority would rather have mediocre wood than the blasphemy of a synthetic... I'll just probably pass on it and have mine re-handled.

    So for handle styles do you prefer:
    - Coke Bottle
    - Martell Wedge
    - Plain ol' slab-scales

    For Handle Material do you prefer:
    - Cheap Domestic Hardwood
    - Resin Stabilized Wood
    - Synthetic (something like micrata or g10)

    Once we reach a consensus on a general design and material, we can start to hone in on the specific details. Is there a way to make a pole where people can vote? I think that you might have to be it's own thread as I cant seem to figure it out in here.
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    Took the words right outta my mouth... Keep it frickin simple people. We're trying to make a knife for the masses, right? That is the point, correct? How do most people hold a knife? By the handle. Not with a pinch grip. I KNOW- not everyone has the same grip, but the majority of people DO(I personally use a pinch grip, but I've learned from experience- that the majority of people do not). So who are we designing this knife for? Ourselves? Pros? Semi pros? The unenlightened? The inbetweeners?

    A simple, comfy handle, will help to accentuate a superior blade profile. And no- I don't think blade profiles are quite as negotiable as handles. What is a simple comfy handle? I'm not sure yet. But wa's are still a bit foreign to the majority(and this coming from someone who HEAVILY PREFERS WA'S!). Marketing can help overcome this, but that's a whole other kettle...

    Trying to take into account after market customization is limiting the end product. Presume that it's made to last. And if it succeeds- produce another line that's better suited to nitpicking.

    I may be WAAAAYYYY off base here, and please correct me if I am.
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    I've always liked the Forgecraft handles

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    I agree that keeping it simple seems like the best course. I think that probably means a western style handle (I personally like wa handles, too, but that doesn't seem like the best fit for this knife). I'm not crazy about just plain slabs--it would be nice to have something with some curve, something that someone picks up and it immediately feels natural.

    I second the vote for cocobolo. You can find some that's reasonably priced, and it's got a classic beauty.

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