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Thread: Possible Lamson Collaboration Line of Knives

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    Sorry guys. I'm tiling the bathroom...I'll be outta the loop for the day. However, Pierre and I have spoken at length, and we share the same vision/direction, etc.

    Take a look around at:

    Email me at:

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    I will do a little mock up later today... Other work to do ATM.

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    Alright. So... I whipped this up PDQ, so ignore the fit and finish. It is cocobolo, and copper (I had no brass on hand) Tom has seen this, and wasn't torn up about the front of the bolster. Just FYI, as I said, a rough mock up. A place to start, and to see the materials together. It can be rounded, contoured, instead of faceted. It is comfortable though.

    Second is a pic Tom sent me. I think he is looking at the left hand knife with the brass bolsters.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    And lastly. Here is a cleaver handle Tom found a picture of, and likes it a lot for this project. Shape anyways. His words were "perfect" I tend to agree with the shape. Again picture it in cocobolo.

    Here is one in G10

    So If you guys could give us a few minutes, weigh in on each of the points above. Materials, shapes etc.

    Thanks! Back to the shop!

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    I'd prefer the one on the cleaver tom showed

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    DAMN Pierre!
    I really, reallly, like how your mock-up looks. It has that "classic" rectangular / angular style but with some more sophisticated organic contours. I think you nailed it. I'd be happy with it with the same shape, but no bolster. I personally still don't understand the need / obsession for a bolster on this project and no one has really given one other than "I like them; they're cool; I want one" If spending the extra $ / adding the extra complexity of bolster is really what the majority wants, then that's fine, but I just want to make sure we don't have a couple very vocal bolster nuts making this decision for everyone. I know we are not at the point of talking specific $$ yet, but the aprox price increase created by a bolster seems like something that Lamson should be able to estimate pretty accurately...

    As for the pics from Tom, I don't like any of them nearly as much as what mocked-up. Especially that bottom cleaver handle: looks slippery and kinda "bleh".
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    I'm trying not to post too much, because there are a lot of opinions going around here, but I gotta chime in on the handle biz.

    Personally, I don't care for the brass bolster, or any bolster really. It seems unnecessary for a project like this. Too much bling in my opinion. But the overall shape of Pierre's handle is very nice.

    Simple, tasteful and functional is more the goal, I think. And I find the all wood handle on the cleaver with the clean stainless spacer to be the most appealing. But I would also be fine with some nicely shaped single-piece wood scales. I really like simple and functional handles, with maybe an accent or two. And being that this knife is more for the masses, I find it wise to try to keep the cost down.

    This is purely me and my own opinion, but I'm a modder at heart and enjoy tweaking just about everything I buy. I try to buy the best I can afford, I do my research and then make a few adjustments to try to dial in performance on the new toy. I build my own computers and make my own home theater cables, swap knife handles and replace the air intakes on my cars (mostly lol). What I'm saying is, I personally really like to tweak, you can't stop me But at the same time, I generally want the product I buy to be functional without any additional modifications.

    I think for this project, less is more. I'd prefer a stable handle material, whatever that may be, from G10 to naturally oily wood (or stabilized if cost permitting) on a full tang, with a solid epoxy job to seal the gaps and a nice shape.

    But that's just me. Thanks for listening, all.

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    I prefer the handle on the cleaver examples. Don't feel a metal bolster is necessary, particularly if it will increase the price.

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    I so want in on this !!! I am only going to put my $0.02 on the handle for the steel you are all much more knowledgeable on than I!! I agree about the bolster being unnecessary I think if you go with something simple like the old forgecraft style handle where you can do three rivets or pins and a sexy classic wood, shape it up with a tall and thin octagonal shape, with nice taper on it from from to back It will feel good and look good. Just follow the KISS rule!(Keep It Simple Stupid) I also like the style on the first clever from Pierre!
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    sorry i need to rewrite this comment later.

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    The mock up handle shape is great, though I would pass on the pointed bolster. I like the main handles angles and how it's thinner at the ferrule, and wider at the base. For the ferrule, the square or rounded is nicer.

    Personally, I prefer cocobolo, but g10 maybe better. If stability is a concern, this being a working knife for many climates, how about small g10 ferrule, silver spacer, g10 handle? Could a nice modern looking handle but not too much bling, not too temperamental. If we want fancy, then there will be personal re-handles or maybe special run of something "prettier." The Hittori FH's started with Micarta handles, and then later expanded. Actually, I wonder what's the most popular FH handle these days. Could be a good base line comparison.

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