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Thread: Possible Lamson Collaboration Line of Knives

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    Quote Originally Posted by labor of love View Post
    early on it was mentioned the grind would be 50/50. im assuming equal convexing for both sides of the blade?
    That is the plan!

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    -The G10 bolster is a nice compromise both in terms of bosters vs no bolser and in natural vs synth materials.

    -no spacer! Why must some people try to add complexity at ever step? OCCAM'S RAZOR AS APPLIED TO DESIGN!!!!!

    -I don't really care about pin color / material, but it seems like brass might be easier to sand down if / when the handle needed to be re-finished. Just keep them all the same size.
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    Whatever you guys come up with is OK with me. Im digging the "plan" so far and looking forward to getting one of these!

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    I love the 2nd mock up!
    I think a spacer would add cost but not value.
    Convex grind... Does that mean the same thing to any two people?

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    The blade will have a geometry, that is convexed in a way to aid in food release. I will grind a prototype, to provide Lamson. This way, the know exactly how to shape it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PierreRodrigue View Post
    Ok, G10 and cocobolo... My wife let me have a few minutes... So its rough!

    I tried to incorporate as much as I could from the comments, as well keep simplicity of manufacturing/construction in mind, thus keep cost down.

    +1 vote for this, but I'd prefer to get one with a little longer blade. How long do the experts think before we have a ball park guess as to
    the pain our wallets will feel?

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    The blade will cost extra! Lol! We should have a ball park in a couple days. Its looking good!

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    basically every left handed member should jump on this knife. talk about filling a void. not alot of lefty friendly factory knives out there.

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    basically every left handed member should jump on this knife. talk about filling a void. not alot of lefty friendly factory knives out there.
    yep yep yep.

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    The lefty friendly aspect was a must! Sorry I'm quiet...still waiting!

    Thanks for taking care of this right now, Pierre.

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