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Thread: Grits - who loves 'em?

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    Grits - who loves 'em?

    The "how high grits" thread got me thinking. We love grits - don't eat them that often maybe once a month for a Sunday breakfast, or a baked cheesy grits as a holiday side.

    If I'm using fresh grits I cook them in milk & water with salt & pepper. If I'm using "quick cook" grits I just use water, salt and pepper. Either way once they are ready I mix in chopped ham &/or sausage, grated cheese and two eggs. When that comes together I whisk air into the mix and they get nice and fluffy. A perfect breakfast for a damp, chilly day.

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    i thought this was about grits, as in sharpening stones...

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    Grits! How to eat them? So many ways. Some of my favorites:

    Plain, with butter, salt and pepper.

    Jalapeño cheese grits, made with pepper jack cheese.

    Nassau grits, with bacon, bell pepper, onion and tomatoes.

    Grits a ya ya, smoked gouda cheese grits topped with shrimp with bacon, shallots, and mushrooms.


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    I understand there are quality differences in how they were ground? Any other differences? What does 'fresh' mean for grits? I like them and made them a few times, but I suspect there is a lot of refinement I am not aware of.


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    definitely shrimp and grits.....
    Tom Gray, Seagrove, NC

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    I love them, though I don't make the as much as when I was in the south. My favorite grits are Frank Stitt's from Highland's Bar and Grill in Birmingham, AL. I couldn't imagine going there and not ordering them.

    The two brands I use are McEwen & Sons for blue and both the white and yellow from Charleston Grill.

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    I was also going to mention Frank Stitt's grits, the defining dish of the Highlands. Everyone I know that has worked for Frank Stitt has nothing but good things to say about the experience. What I use at the restaurant are from John Martin Taylor and are very very good. We also buy in a few of the Anson Mills grits to special out, but I like John's the best. Gross fact: AM makes quick grits, they are no better than any other quick grits, which is to say no damn good at all.

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    Thanks for that link Mr. Drinky - that's a good looking recipe. When I do dinner grits I make them the right way. I was just thinking and I make "breakfast grits" when I have to go to work on a Sunday. That bowl keeps me going through a show and tastes better than a bowl of oats.

    Some of the best straight up grits I've had were in Savannah at a diner that specialized in breakfast. Their bisquits and gravy were just out of this world too.

    Oh and don't forget the eggs with the runny yolks - oh yeah.

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    Not me. Like eating paper mache. I've got access to lot's of good grits, so I am told.


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    Grits and Grillades and lest I forget, their Italianate cousin, a veal ragout and loose polenta dish that I had at the Cipriani owned restaurant, Bellini that used to be on the ground floor of the DaVinci Hotel in NYC. Good stuff.

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