Hi, I wasn't sure whether I should offer this in the BST section, so I do it here. Just wanted to see if anybody has use for an Iphone 3GS before I put it up on ebay. Works perfectly fine, glass is in very good condition, battery also still delivers, works with the latest Ios. However, it has a 20mm crack in the plastic on the back of the case, but that doesn't affect anything. Unlocked, so you can use it with any carrier as far as I understand. Comes with charger and cable, a small docking station, a silicone case, and I think I also have an unused car charger (no idea if it works). If interested, I can also trow in the unused new and better (white) earphones of the Iphone 5. I would like $99 shipped and paypaled in the US, they usually go for > $130 on ebay even without all the accessories.