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Thread: Am I a bad person? Why do they call me Angelito Negroe?

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    Years ago I was in a storage unit in South Florida with a guy I was building a restaurant for. He was deathly afraid of snakes. His back was to the wall. As we talked, a fine little coral snake came out of a hole in the wall and started wrapping itself around some dowels just above his head. I calmly picked up a hammer and hit the thing so hard I knocked a huge hole in the dry wall. The guys eyes bugged out, he ducked, freaked out. He thought I was aiming for him until I cautiously looked through the hole, ripped out some more dry wall and carefully retrieved the dead snake with a set of tongs. I put it over the end of the hammer and presented to him. All the color went out of his face. I told him I just saved his life. The start of a beautiful relationship. Nice restaurant.

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    You're not a bad person, and that is hilarious. LOLOL

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    No mames, güey!

    Makes me question what kind of person I am for laughing my ass off...

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