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Thread: Catfish recipes.....?

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    i'm not a super fan of catfish. but my wife loves it, so we eat it.

    i claypot it for her. clean fish, chop it into steaks. (fish isnt huge, smallish)

    some Michiu cooking wine, soy sauce, white pepper, scallions, ginger, fermented black bean and garlic. salt. tiny bit of sugar.

    lid it and bake in oven (375 until done). you can steam it with the same great results.

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    I've had great success using corn flour like maseca. gives the corn flavor without the grittiness.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike9 View Post
    Hey - did you ever go to the Slow and Low?
    No, usually went to Charlie & Jake's for BBQ. Used to eat at Grills sometimes.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mike9 View Post
    Did you work at the Cape?

    And back on topic...Fried catfish po boy.
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    Well, had the fish fry last night and everything went wonderful! Thanks to everybody who contributed recipes. We ended up making the Prudhomme spice, Italian dressing marinade, buttermilk and cornmeal, and the buttermilk / cornmeal / parmesan cheese catfish versions. Our side dish was green beans. Topped it off with birthday carrot cake and cream cheese frosting which my wife made.

    The guests went home stuffed and happy. We're wading through the pile of dishes this morning.........

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