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Thread: Hello from London

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    Hello from London

    I just wanted to introduce myself and express my gratitude for all the knowledge you guys are willing to share.
    Currently I live in London but originally I was born and grew up in the Balkans. I've been cooking my way trough Europe for the past 7 years until I landed in London and things kinda started happening on their own until a year and a half later I found myself barely coping with running a small place and studying at Westminster Kingsway college with no time to do anything else and....bloody loving it!
    Up until 2 months ago I was an ardent supporter of the German knife industry but then one day at college one of the guys received this artwork that the Japanese people apparently insist on calling a knife and from then it started.
    This is pretty much when I began stalking you guys and led to me establishing a really good relationship with Mr. Koki Iwahara and being the damn proud owner of a Blazen gyuto and a couple of other items from the JCK store (ahoy to the fellow called Stefan).
    Do not get me wrong I still highly respect my Messermeisters and I still use them on the line, just because of the damage those knives are able to take, but a proper Japanese blade is a step above IMO.

    So hello, thank you and I'll see you around.

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    Welcome on board

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    Welcome aboard.
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    Welcome welcome

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    looking at your forum handle are you from Bulgaria by chance?

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    For many years I used a cheap stamped 10" stainless Messermiester from culinary school and to this day it is still one of my favorite knives. I could beat it up, hit it with a norton multistone and shave the hair off a gnats ass. I miss that knife, gave it to a kid who got his stuff stolen. welcome!
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    Quote Originally Posted by mainaman View Post
    looking at your forum handle are you from Bulgaria by chance?
    Yep maina, Bulgarian born and bred and judging by yours I think we are from the same town...Plovdiv?

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