so a quick update.. ive been doing a 24 hour 2nd ferment and then putting in the fridge with great success, nice light fizz and sweet flavour. today i tried a 48 hour 2nd ferment (with grape juice) and then cooled it. You are supposed to burp it everyday if you go further than a day but i didnt as i wantd to see how far this can go. I had them in a plastic bag in case as well. the bottle when opened burst like a shotgun! with about 15% of it gushing out the top, it had at least 50% head when i poured it and was very fizzy. I didnt enjoy this flavour as much was kind of beerish, i could definately detect the higher alcohol content (some of you might think this is a good thing).

In any case.. il be sticking with 24 hour 2nd ferments for sure, and once you put them in the fridge it slows it down alot.

Below a pic of the Grape kefir "beer" like soda. this is with the head settled!!