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Thread: Knife stores in NYC

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    Knife stores in NYC

    I will be there next week. I will be going to Korin (again), Bowery Kitchen (again), and Cut Brooklyn (again). Where else is there to go for good cutlery?

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    jb prince,

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    The Broadway Panhandler (65 E. 8th St.) might have some stuff. They seem to always have a sale going.

    Also, other sharp objects may be had at MiN (117 Crosby).

    There is, allegedly, a Kikuichi showroom in "New York", and by that they mean 560 Sylvan Ave 3F, Englewood Cliffs, NJ 07632.



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    There is a shop in Chelsea market that has some kikuichi and tojiro knives. Also, it's been a year or two but I remember going to the Japanese culinary center that had some nice stuff.

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