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    norton stones?

    So I sharpened up a good portion of my knives last night and I noticed that my norton 4000/8000 combo is just flaking apart. There is a good 1/2 chunk that just fell off in the water. I have also noticed the 220 side of my 220/1000 is doing the same thing except it is just turning into sludge and washing away. So what is a good 3 set of stones since I do not ever use the 8k side since I like to stop at 4k. I mainly use the 1k and the 4k, budget is the best value for the money but nothing crazy expensive trying to hit the $100-$150 mark.

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    thanks ill take a look at that...anyone else any ideas?

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    I bought a package 1k and 4k Shapton glass stones a few months ago to replace the exact same stones you currently have.. I love them!

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    Gesshin stones in my opinion are the best and worth every penny!

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    I'll bring a Gesshin 5k to the gathering this weekend so you can try it out and see what you think.
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    been itching to try out gesshins myself

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    sounds good chinacats. i really need to find decent budget stones because these nortons are just literally falling apart and they arent even old. i have heard this is common with the mexican made norton stones.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pumbaa View Post
    i really need to find decent budget stones
    Check out the pricing at JKI, he's got the new 1/6k combo for 135. Maybe add a low grit later.
    one man gathers what another man spills...

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