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Thread: So the GF wants to use my knives...

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    my mother doesn't wanna touch my knives as they are all razor sharp as she tells me. lol. so i take our crappy home knives and i just sharpen those to their liking.

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    Your favorite knife can easily be modified and refined to your specific whims, or restored to original. It can be replaced with an identical model, or put away when a new, better model shows up at the front door. When you tire of it, you can pull an old favorite out of storage and fondle that one for as long as you like. You probably already know what your next favorite knife will be, your GF tolerates you talking about it, and she may even go out and get it for you a surprise

    If you you can say the same about your GF/SO - WOW! Otherwise, tread lightly, very very lightly!

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    Send her down the street to JKI and let Jon help her get started on her own journey.
    "Into a country where the jails are full, and the mad houses closed." - Charles Bukowski

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anton View Post
    .... I honestly think she might be a little jealous because how much attention I give to them and how I "talk" about them...
    If you think she's jealous now, wait til she catches you talking too them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by swarfrat View Post
    If you think she's jealous now, wait til she catches you talking too them.

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    Thank you all for the thorough experienced feedback. I think I'm just going to try turn her into knives to be honest. Let her in... Tell her how much they are, etc. at the end of the day. I'm pretty sure she'll end up naturally gravitating towards a 210 and a petty. So now I need to find her a proper 210, something forgiving.

    At the end of the day I think I'll win more by making her part of it, we'll see... Will report back.

    Thanks again!

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    Consider yourself lucky. Obviously you are within your rights to not want to share and give her a "it's not that I don't trust you; it's just that I'm too obsessive compulsive / particular about them and I don't want to make you crazy stressing out over them." But, I think that would be a big waste of an opportunity to create a new knut and have something really fun to share with your partner.

    There's big responsibility on your shoulders to do this in a way that's fun, supportive, and not intimidating or scary. Take it a step at a time. Start her off on something user-friendly and that she's excite about using. Show her the basics for safe handling (for both her and the knife), how to hold, how to cut, how to set it down on the far side of the board facing away, how to wash & dry. That should take all of 5min, then have fun cooking together. Also (this is difficult for me too), DON'T STARE! It sucks to be new / feel a little nervous about something and have someone standing there scrutinizing you. Give yourself something to cut on your own or something with which to occupy yourself so you're not hovering and drving her nuts.

    Introduce new knives either when she's interested in them or when it's appropriate to a task. For example, My GF was cutting hard raw beets with fairly robust gyuto and it was wedging, so I grabbed a really thin nakiri and said "here, give this a shot." - You shoulda seen the look on her face when that thing almost fell though the beet. It was like a light went off of "ohhh THAT'S why you have different knives." Now she has fun planning out a cutting task and figuring out what the best tool for the job would be.
    "I gotta tell ya, this is pretty terrific. Ha hahaha, YEAH!" - Moe (w/ 2 knives).

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    My GF and I moved in together right as I was getting hooked on good kitchen knives about six months ago. She will not admit it but she enjoys having really sharp knives and complains if the knife she uses most (a 6 inch shun) gets even a little dull. She also really likes the Ealy paring knife. She wont use anything 240 or longer, and doesn't want to worry about caring for carbon so I think we will both have our own different good knives with maybe a little overlap. She also thinks custom handles are pretty and has approved a mag strip if it is made of nice wood so I think we are going to be ok.

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    live in girlfriend..or wife.

    carte blanche buddy!! life is too short to put material things above a relationship. my wife uses all my tools, and drives my vintage sportscar (more than i do!!)

    whatever..i love the woman.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JanusInTheGarden View Post
    Wait, how do you guys get your sig others to cook? Mine says thats what I'm here for...

    Balance of Power.. To me this is what it is all about.

    Doesnt mean that yu share my pillow that you can use my very personal things. Yes knives falls under that category.

    I use to have ladies over for meals.. Doing cooking, serving food to ladies based on my personal experience screws up the thin invisible dividing line of "who is the boss" or at least equal relationship. Thus these days, when I cook and do the buying and prep work and cook and bring it to the table, after eating, I will take a shower and do my other things. This way at least in my eyes.. it rebalances teh " one upmanship".

    Psychologically.... there is some basis to this.. I think.

    Used to have ladies telling others that I am their personal chef!.. meaning their kitchen slave. I cook no more and when I do cook.. they know that it is a treat and not their right.

    There may be other ways to .. " rebalance the seat of an equal relationship " or power..

    Always...... have fun and stay sharp..

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