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Thread: Some good old carbon for sale

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    Ontario SOLD - thanks Chris. Nice old Ekco Forge slicer still looking for a new home.

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    I wish, that Ecko is calling my name, just can't swing it
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    Item arrived today. I feel like I stole something, because this Ontario is waaay nicer than the $100 price tag. The handle is very well crafted, and the conversion is flawless. The blade itself is in very good condition, too!

    Someone scoop up that Ecko, it is so well worth it!

    Thanks again, Mike.
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    Agree! The Lamson arrived yesterday and it's slick. Super deal on a really nice knife. Whoever picks up the Ecko will be very happy.

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    ecko still available?

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    Quote Originally Posted by teppanchef View Post
    ecko still available?
    Sure is

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