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Thread: Biggest Issues! Defect/Minor Issue/Character

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    Quote Originally Posted by eshua View Post
    Do women even know about shrinkage?
    "Don't you know who he is?"

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    On a Western handle if the tang and scales are not even. This might seem minor but to me it says the maker is lazy. It's such an obvious flaw that causes discomfort when using it, that if I got such a knife I'd consider sending it back. Cost would play a part though so if it was cheap then it would be closer to acceptable

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    Quote Originally Posted by eshua View Post
    Do women even know about shrinkage?

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    Quote Originally Posted by eshua View Post
    Do women even know about shrinkage?
    This deserves a thread of its own.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eshua View Post
    Do women even know about shrinkage?
    Many women could use lots of shrinkage.
    "Into a country where the jails are full, and the mad houses closed." - Charles Bukowski

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    Especially in Wisconsin. Known for cheese, beer and bratwurst.

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    I hear you Scott! we have enough of that here!

    James, IMHO bending would be a flaw and warping a Defect, part of me want to say a lot of flaws should be defects because they should have been caught by the maker in the first place but it depends... Fixable and ease of it plays a huge part I guess.

    mhlee and Pete84, I completely agree on grind Issues (Correctable or non). How about having to regrind a knife aftermarket? Should it have been done beforehand?

    Any on?:

    a) How about irregular bevels.
    b) How about profile...
    c) Pithing? (I had major Issues with a Shun once)
    d) Any on Flex?
    e) Sayas (Fit, Movement, scratching the blade, pins, fitting universal sayas, others?)

    Kalaeb... Found an interesting topic on your response. Are you more forgiving depending on price point? What issues move from Defect to flaw depending on price?

    And what is that price point? 300 VS 1000? What Issues wouldn't you compromise on?

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    I'm a Huge fan of the carbon zKramers, got 3 of 'em. But it still agitates me that the wood scales suffer from "shrinkage" before I even open the box. luckily I've never paid full price for them, for that kind of money I expect a little better...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Customfan View Post
    Is It a defect/Minor Issue/Character

    .....And finally
    Is there a difference and does there need to be a distinction between customs and production knives for this? ...

    First - I think you would need to add "artisanal"....I wouldn't call Takeda (for example) production or custom. That said, every Takeda (again, for example) I've owned has been an inconsistent size, been funky where the tang meets handle, and has waves/warps that extend from choil to tip AND spine to edge. Knowing that, its not 'fair' for me to tell a future buyer that all Takedas have defects, but rather I'd say they all are scary sharp with bada$$ edges...AND have certain other 'characteristics'. In contrast, Watanabe, who I'd also categorize as 'artisanal', have none of these same characteristics except the scary sharp edge.

    Second thought would be 'context'. I think maybe 5%, or 10% of the names that get mentioned can be called 'production'...Shun, Tojiro, MAC, Global, probably Misono and Hiromoto...AND CCK. But do you hold CCK to the same standards as Misono?

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    Ok, good point.. And I agree that you cant put them in the same place as production... Not to say some of them cant be just as good or better!

    Artisanal are in a different category, thats a different story, we need to arrive on an consensus of what exactly artisanal is!

    Made by a few artisans? How many?
    Controlled circumstances...Which ones?
    Limited Numbers... How many?
    A family tradition... How long?
    A combination of all of these?

    On #1, weve come to "expect" that takedas have a certain charact because they perform well and are generally accepted, variations and all. So that is the standard (for them) but I bet if we suddenly had that "character" arrive on a Suisin or a Watanabe (to use your same example) it wouldn't be as kosher!

    Are some knives subject to their own set of rules? Maybe!

    On #2, Context, yes, I agree... missono maybe has less variations, better materials and in a way may have a better standing (and im not sure at that) than say a CCK, but then...

    Aren't CCKs worth like 6 times less than a Misono? So price is a variable..
    They are completely different knives..
    Is Misono a Production knife and where does CCK stand? Artisanal? Then what is the real difference? And shouldn't artisanal always cost more because they tend to be made in more limited numbers and THUS be rarer? I bet demand plays a huge role...

    DISCUSS !!!!!!!!!

    Interesting for sure!

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