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Thread: More LA Times- This time cutting boards

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    More LA Times- This time cutting boards,2730075.story

    Also, many of you probably dont know that we sell japanese cutting boards here in the store... i generally stock hi-soft boards, but we also have others from time to time (and have access to a wide variety).

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    Three articles! That is so awesome. And some publicity for our own Mr. Smith!

    FYI. When I brought up "the knife store I buy from" to my stereo guy, who came by on Sunday, he asked, "The one in Venice?" When I said that's the one, he said that he had also read the articles about your store.
    "Don't you know who he is?"

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    This is rad! @Michael, I had a similar experience while at another kitchen recently and overheard a couple cooks talking about "that shop in Venice".

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    What a great couple of weeks for JKI!

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    THANKS Jon!

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