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Thread: Mobile Users?

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    I'm using an Droid incredible and have no problem viewing the site. Posting can be difficult though. I sometimes lose the script field while I'm writing a post. I would buy the app to try it. If it works better I'll keep it.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave Martell View Post
    Tapatalk is enabled here.
    sorry for bumping old thread, but i figured its better than starting a new one.
    am i doing something wrong, or is Tapatalk not enabled? i can't seem to find KKF via Tapatalk iPhone app.

    if Tapatalk is not supported, any chance it will be? KKF is last one i read regularly that doesn't support Tapatalk

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    I can't imagine an app would be worth it. I have never had any problems with the site when using mobile devices...

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    I think that Tapatalk is enabled but maybe I'm wrong. I'll look into it.

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    Everything works great here on multiple android devices and an iPad. The only thing I don't like when forums activate the tapatalk option is it throws a pops up notice every time you access the site from a mobile device. Maybe that can be deactivated on the back end, which I would recommend. I'm not all that familiar with vBulletin, but it's one of the best and I'd guess the option is there.

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    It works great on my iPhone. No problems here.

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    No problems on my I-phone - I wouldn't bother investing the money, I am fine with current functionality.

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    I'd love tapatalk support

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    it's fine on a larger device like my Nook...but from the phone it could be more mobile friendly. That's only 5-10% of my usage though.
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    Please don't change this! I absolutely hate mobile sites.

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