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Thread: Howdy and Thanks!

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    Howdy and Thanks!

    RW here,

    So, I thought I would purchase a couple of new knives, and found this great forum. I then started to realize all I don't know and that I may not be ready to make the right decision yet.

    After research I have discovered the need for advancement of my own sharpening and use skills first. Also, to figure out what I like and don't like about my current knives.

    To that end I have purchased three decent knives from local thrift shops to practice sharpening and use skills, then on to a better equipment as I progress.

    Thanks to you all and this forum for saving me a bunch of money and time in not chasing a 'holy grail' of equipment before I am ready to have the ability to care and use it.



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    Sounds like you're learning already.
    "So you want to be a vegetarian? Hitler was a vegetarian and look at how he turned out."

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    How intelligent and un-American not to just throw money at it (like I did). Welcome!

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    Welcome to the forums RW!
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    Quote Originally Posted by pitonboy View Post
    How intelligent and un-American not to just throw money at it (like I did). Welcome!
    I didn't think there was any other way...perhaps still don't. Pretty sure you can't see any "game", as it really is, without having a representative sample of the good stuff in your hands. Trying to be sensible will only cost you in the long term.

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    Wish I had done that a few years back, heck...wish I would do that now. Welcome!

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    Welcome! We can help you change your bad habits.
    once in a while you get shown the light, in the strangest of places if you look at it right

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    Welcome to temptation!

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    Quote Originally Posted by chinacats View Post
    Welcome! We can help you change your bad habits.
    This fool and his money will soon enough be parted, of that I am certain!

    Thanks all for the warm welcome.

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