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Thread: Lamson Collaboration: Next Step

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    Looks great guys!!!
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    wow. it looks great and the shape of the handle looks comfortable.

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    Looking like a work-horse! Very nice

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    it has taken shape of a really really nice knife.

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    Yep. This looks awesome. How thin does it get behind the edge?

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    damn, looks good guys, when is the final say on when we can get one? I was in at the start but as posted a while back that with my newborn i wasn't sure that id be able to do it, but who knows, i might be able to scrap something together. Either way, good work guys, I look forward to reviews

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    what will it cost?

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    I think the original discussion was hoping the price would be somewhere around $200. Part of the idea would it would be an easy first gyuto to recommend.

    I think it looks great, guys.

    I'm curious about any specs you have in terms of weight, thickness, etc. If you are still tweaking and want to wait until everything is finalized, that would make sense as well. As long as you guys know we're interested in hearing and seeing more!

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    Yup, the goal is $200, which should be doable. As for specs, we are still tweaking (the prototype will be starting its journey very shortly). Once we hear from the testers, we'll have a better idea.

    Take a look around at:

    Email me at:

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    Quote Originally Posted by PierreRodrigue View Post
    Hey guys. Thanks for the patience. These went through their initial paces, and I called it off, and started over. A couple things went sideways that I wasn't pleased about, so here is the first, sharp and branded, so you know I'm pleased.

    Now... It is a prototype, and as such isn't "Custom Perfect" This is a piece to get out to a few of you to test, and to report back. I have one more blank from Lamson that I will tweak if necessary.

    As discussed earlier this spring:

    O1 blade at HRC 62 (went a tad harder) machine finish (cork belt and emery compound) rounded spine and choil
    Full distal taper
    G10 bolster, cocobolo scales, copper pins. It feels good in hand. Lots of grip, and comfortable in different grips. Handle is waxed and buffed.

    Are my eyes deceiving me or is the taper on the tip way more extreme than on the blanks shown in post 3207 of 4/15/2013. This latest incarnation
    does not trip my trigger

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