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Thread: Lamson Collaboration: Next Step

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    Bit confused reading the summary pierre posted. Is this just a summary of the whole process or where it currently stands or both?

    If it's the later I'd like to weigh in. I think 255 puts the knife in the experienced homecook/pro cook realm. The vast majority of these folks I would guess use a pinch grip the majority of the time. I can't imagine using a hammer grip on a long blade with a small board and have it feel natural. Thus it seems like while it can accommodate all cooks, it is geared toward a smaller target audience than the general population.

    The ideals behind the knife (function, value, craftsmanship, etc. without the fanciness) also set it up to appeal to a different general demographic than the folks who buy the current damascus/mosaic pin/polished knives that are popular in kitchen stores around the US. Not saying anything is wrong with em, but this knife is clearly designed to set itself apart from these for what it's worth.

    During the process, I didn't think the G10 'fit' with the motif of the knife. The carbon fiber like weave pattern looks futuristic and thus somewhat out of place to me when thinking about a throwback knife. I much preferred the idea of a bronze bolster with matched rivets/pins as it would fit better with the motif imo.

    Also, with regard to handle wood, is the north american materials thing still a priority? Would put cocobolo possibly out of the running depending on where you draw the line.

    I like the profile, raising the heel and lowering the tip could look nice but it's hard to tell without a drawing. Glad this is still going on.

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    Hey folks, if you've followed the threads on the development of this knife, make sure you go to the newest thread. Pierre is trying to get a count on who is definitely interested so they can get a firm quote on the pricing. The target is still ~$200.

    Here is the newest thread:

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    Now that Lamson & Goodnow filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection and is selling the factory, I'm guessing this project is terminated?
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    Wow, How about setting up a group buy to place a bid on the beast. We can rename it KKLG!
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