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Thread: Japanese Knife Imports- The Store

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    I think that Jon has discovered a new sales strategy!
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    haha... they wouldnt be much of a secret if i just sold them online like all our normal stuff

    Most of the stuff is just lower priced items for professional chefs out here... i want them to be able to afford knives that dont suck, so they are nothing fancy but they work well. Then i have some things that i just cant get a lot of or cant get consistently or am not supposed to have Those are the fun ones.

    Also, in the store we'll be bringing in some other kinds of japanese arts and crafts

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    Great. Now I've got a reason to fly to California other than just visiting a few relatives

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    just give me a bit of time to get the store set up before you all start swarming in

    Actually we just bought 6 display cases and a table this week

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    Let me see how this works ... You buy a bunch of cool knives and maybe some stones and then you don't directly tell anyone about this stuff. You dribble out little clues over the course of weeks that something better can be had. Then it's left up to who ever to decipher these clues and once someone gets it right, BINGO. They're entitled to purchase whatever is behind the secret door.

    Well, maybe not, but you sure do a good job of beaten around the bush when it comes to divulging what else you have to sell.

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    haha...i'm not going out of my way to be secretive... most of the stuff is just uninteresting... and the interesting stuff people usually find out about when they ask me if i have something they have in mind

    Also, we do a lot of custom orders, so for the most part even if we dont have something, we can get it for you

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    good to have small/cheap everyday stuff that is hard to find locally. if someone in LA searches for whatever, and google shopping tells them it is available at one store locally or 100 places online, chances are you get new foot traffic into your store, and the next time that chef needs a knife...
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