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Thread: Utility Costs

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    Utility Costs

    We just received our electricity bill for this month, house is $422 - shop was $168. Is this crazy or what? Stupid ass heat pump in the house is pulling the current 3 times what all my shop equipment and furnace motor pulls combined!!!!!!!

    Oil for the shop furnace is extra though, who knows what that'll cost this month.
    This is getting stupid.

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    Not to rub it in (too much), but I really don't miss seasons. Been in my current place a little over 2 years, have not turned on the heat and don't have air conditioner (regret that a couple weeks a year).

    That is just crazy heating bills! We pay in most other ways out here though....that and the earthquake that will eventually get us.

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    The main part of my house has a gas furnace, and the addition has a heat pump plus a high-BTU gas fireplace. Natural gas has been stupid cheap this winter (for the first time in several years); my gas bills have been running <$150/ month over the typical summer amount, and electric is up about $100. $250/ mo to heat the whole house is about half what is cost the previous 5 years, and we've only had the addition for one of those years.

    Are you getting killed by single pane windows and minimal insulation? If so, you may be able to cut your bills by tackling one or both of those items, but frankly the payback is typically ~20 years so it may be more economical to just pay higher bills monthly then to finance a window replacement or insulation project. The main benefit for either of these projects is really the improvement in the interior comfort.
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    Our electric bill was $330 last month. Heat pumps are evil. They should be outlawed.


    PS I can't believe you have a heat pump. I didn't know they were used north of the Mason-Dixon line.

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    I don't live that far from you Dave, in Hanover. I know its a little colder near you in Hamburg (I go to Hawk Mountain twice a month) so I understand. It really hasn't been a really cold winter here, but my electric bill for Feb was 327 for a two bedroom townhome, for two people who both work 60 hour weeks. It's crazy. We have Met Ed, is that who you have?
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    Yeah we have Med-Ed

    AJ, you're correct, heat pumps shouldn't be used this far north.

    Elec is just crazy expensive though

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    Dave, a ground source heat pump would be a much better idea, especially in areas where the temps get below 40F. But, then, the upfront cost is quite a bit higher.

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    I'm renting so doing any changes (besides moving) is not in the cards.

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    One day before I die I'll have a piece of land with a river running though it and I'll be harnessing that sucker for all it's worth.

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    I was wondering how much rent a 2-bedroom place with a shop/garage in your area is so that we could start our imperium, but I may not even be able to afford the electricity bill...


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