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Thread: Hard Cider

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    Hard Cider

    This may be blasphemy to some, but recently i've had a craving for good hard cider... maybe its because summer is coming soon... who knows.

    Anyways, i've always liked woodchuck, hornsby's, and strongbow and i even used to brew my own (which i am honestly considering doing again). Anyways, i was just wondering if any of you guys out there like cider and what your favorites are. The beer thread got me thinking about it and its clear to me that some of you are even crazier than i am when it comes to these things

    So who's into cider and what are some of your favorites?

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    Normandy ciders are my favorite. they tend to be quite dry, though.

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    Interesting variation. I have no clue about the ciders in the US. I grew up in a village where everybody made their own variation of apple cider (Apfelwein - apple wine in German, slightly stronger than the French Cidres) in their basement because most people had at least one apple tree. I remember that there was a guy coming around with a mobile press in season, so you could have your own apples pressed to juice and then start your bottles. When he retired, there were a few larger presses in the villages around us where you just brought your apples and traded them for cases of apple wine or apple juice. Not the same thing, unfortunately, as using your own apples because depending on the apple varieties, they all tasted slightly different. For us as teens that was the cheapest alcoholic beverage we could get (legal drinking age is 16). The familiy of a friend had a huge orchard and made at least 100 gallons per season, we had to work hard over the winter to go through that O.k., not helpful, but the question stirred up old memories...


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    Waupoos is probably the best cider made in Ontario.

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    Another cider fan, though I've only had the three you mentioned Jon.


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    I never got into ciders although I managed to use a Snakebite for hair of the dog purposes often while stationed in England.

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    I make my own, on a good apple year 10 to 15 gallons, but the Normandy and Spanish Basque versions are better. Wish I had more real cider apple trees. The French ones I planted have never produced that well. Maybe someday.

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    I used to brew my own as well. I suggest you start again! I've just started my first batch of mead since that's something else I like. At the moment I'm enjoying a Cyser (mead made using cider rather than water).

    As to other commercial ciders to try:;

    - Cider Jack (if you like them more on the sweet side)
    - HardCore Crisp Cider (light, crisp, great on a summer night)
    - Ace Pear Cider (ok, not Apple, but really good)
    - Woodpecker (along the line of Strongbow, but a hair less dry)
    - Woodchuck Granny Smith (tart, bright, and tasty)


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    yeah... i think the brew my own is calling to me pretty strong right now

    i've had the ace pear cider and woodchuck granny smith before now that i think about it... those were pretty damn tasty. I think i need to go and "taste test" a few before i start brewing my own again

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    I think Venice is getting to you already Jon.

    J/K, I've had some good ones. I generally stay away though as most are too sweet.

    I'm currently on a Russian Imperial Stout kick, so that's pretty far from hard cider. I'm cyclic though

    I say make you own, esp. if you already know how. I really enjoy making my own beer nowadays. It's like anything I guess, it tastes better mixed with a sense of accomplishment.

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