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Thread: Opinion's - Kuhn Rikon

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    Opinion's - Kuhn Rikon

    The thread about how to sharpen a serrated knife got me to thinking. I own a $20 Kuhn Rikon bread knife (, which I sparingly use. However after reading that thread, I went ahead and made myself a PB and J just to see how it did on some loaf bread, and it's quitw sharp. My idea when purchasing it a few months back was to just toss it when it was no longer sufficient.

    So about Kuhn Rikon, if I was sawing through baguette's like I do sometimes at work, I'd want something shaped like our crappy house bread knives. The Kuhn is currently much better knife though (and I believe they do sell a baguette knife). Additionally, I see lots of kids at school using their cheap pairing knives, which seem to be quite shart OOTB.

    What are your guys thoughts on them? Has anyone here ever attempted to sharpen one?

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    I gave the pairing knife one of the dish/kitchen helper kids in my kitchen as a secret santa exchange at out christmas party last year along with a cheap asian market combo stone (600/1000?) it got sharp enough for him?? Wish i could tell you more about it but another dumbass dishwasher thought it would be cool to sharpen the spine and duck tape it to a mop handle. last I heard he got fired for throwing it at a cat on a smoke break and took his spear with him.

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    I love my victorinox paring knife (£2!) when it dies I get a new one. The old ones I've donated to work after hitting them with sandpaper, they get used more than any other knife!

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