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Thread: what are your other hobbies?

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    Quote Originally Posted by apicius9 View Post
    Really glad you didn't forget the comma...

    Hehehe...he is a little dachshund, probably would have missed anyways

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    Computers, photography, games, anime, fishing, knives and cars

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    Do we include cooking here? Well I like cooking...

    I'm also getting into cars lately. I used to play music a bunch, but not that much anymore. I like to just listen more now. Love playing catch and going to the batting cage. I do some boxing too.

    Yes, eating...

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    obviously the cooking and sharpening. After that i enjoy chess, drinking(good beer), shooting/hunting, metal/wood working, basketball and soccer when there is time, video games..

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    being a dad, trad archery, cycling, cooking, reading, brewing, generally being outstide

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    Eating, Drinking, Kitchen Knives, Guns, Home Audio, Cigars and god only knows what my next hobby is around the corner.
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    I collect sawdust. my hair, ears, eyebrows and clothing.
    Everyone thinks my name is Dusty. Including my wife.

    Just teasing. When I can take the time I like to wander around here. 1/4 mile to the Illinois River, a couple miles to the mountains.
    I just like to explore around and see what I come across. This was a gold mining area in the 1800s so you never know what you will stumble across.
    I also have a gold pan and know all the places where there is absolutely no gold.
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    Kitchen knives.... and everything cooking related.
    Huge on cooking every type of food from Thailand to Mexico....
    Audio as well and good music...
    Photography, computing and gadgets...

    And if things keep going the way they have... well really nice little blocks of wood!
    Eat to live? -> live to eat... but as long as we are at it... eat very, very well!

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    Working on old Jeeps, old computers and reading old cookbooks.

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    Mountain biking. I race a lot, but not as much as I did in my wary 20's. brewing and baking. Hiking. Cycling advocacy, I'm car-lite, and run a advocacy coalition here in town to promote cycling as transportation and public awareness.
    "This is grain, which any fool can eat, but for which the Lord intended a more divine means of consumption.. Beer!" -Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves, Friar Tuck

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