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Thread: what are your other hobbies?

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    Well, actually my main hobby (no offense to this lovely forum ) is photography - since a few years it is mostly analog in medium format and little bit of large format (4x5") too. If you want too see what I means check out my Flickr

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    Love cooking,saltwater sport fishing,etc. My main hobby right now is playing ukulele. I spend at least two hours a day playing ukulele. Having a blast. Currently, I am waiting on a custom gyuto, and a custom ukulele.

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    Well, it is an old and new hobby. I have been sport shooting since i was 8 or so, got fairly serious in my twenties. Now i am prepping for the 3 gun competitions this summer, so i have been building a few toys. I have a Remington 700 action bedded in an Archangel stock, with a 26" Krieger barrel(mid build), A Remington 1100 with a 9 shot tube, 22" barrel, EZ loader and a collapsible stock. Still need to get my pistol, thinking a S&W M&P in 9mm and then this...

    This is a S&W M&P 5.56 NATO, Has a chrome BCG, Magpul stock and handguard, Hogue overmolded grip, Titanium firing pin, polished feed ramp. Am waiting for the Chrome moly 18" fluted barrel and Troy Alpha free float rail. Will also be swapping out optics. We were talking about cheap hobbies...right?

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    Oh, and for those who dont know, i like to draw. Actually, i draw, paint, sculpt, carve, scrimshaw, engrave.....Anything artistic and creative. Also i am a huge fly fisherman, it helps to just take the mind off the stresses of everyday life and puts you into some of the most beautiful places Mother Nature has to offer.

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    Forgot to at astronomy. If I added up the money I have spent on twlescopes and mounts, I could put myself through collage again. I'm just a visual observer, not into astrophotography, but still addicted.
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    I have recently been looking into getting a telescope to satisfy a life long wondering of the stars and cosmos. Any recommendations for a good starter scope in a ~300$ range??

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    At one time I loved extreme sports, but at some point my body started breaking down and my knees couldn't keep up. Now, in my rare spare time, I really enjoy hiking/trekking, mountain biking, photography, travel, diving (Scuba), and chess (although I am terrible at it). On occasion I still go skydiving, base jumping, and cliff diving, but that is a rarity.
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    I've been lurking around this forum and leaned to like it a lot. So now I thought it's about time to say hello.
    Reading, cooking, gardening, mountainbiking. Knife is pretty new theme though I've been into cooking for more than thirty years, now. Just never thought about it...

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    Well, I cook for a living, but I still consider cooking to be my #1 hobby, since I spend most of my free time at home cooking. Lately I've been doing a lot of baking as well, which Is quite challenging and rewarding, and I really enjoy it.

    Before I had a kid I did a lot of pistol shooting, mostly IDPA. I don't have the time these days, but once my son is old enough I will finally be able to get back out to the range, and hopefully get him involved in some competitive shooting as well. Also BK (before kid) I was into watches and bought and sold them regularly.

    It's cool to see what everyone is into, good thread.

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