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Thread: Which handle material and why?

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    Which handle material and why?

    Im looking to get a knife rehandled for the first time pretty soon. Ive only used stock handles and usually im pretty happy with them, im just curious what qualities the fancy handle people look for when deciding what wood/handle material to use for their knives. thanks!

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    Unless it is a very dense wood,make sure it is stabilized with vacuum,some stabilization is just painted on,make sure the quality of the treatment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by labor of love View Post
    im just curious what qualities the fancy handle people look for when deciding what wood/handle material to use for their knives. thanks!
    What looks the most badass

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    I think it also depends on what type of knife you're rehandling. For a butchery knife, i think linen/canvas micarta makes a lot of sense, and can be shaped to your liking. I value the feel more than looks, and was happy with the burnt chestnut I used briefly. In the same ballpark, I've read that brushed wenge gives good grip, while being a little fancier than the chestnut. I'm anxiously awaiting a Marko d-handle with the tapered ferrule, which I hope will be the anecdote to my wa-handle woes.

    But, if its not a heavy duty workhorse, I agree with Steven, go for what you think looks the baddest.

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    Some woods are heavy and can change the balance of a knife, too. Going from Ho to ironwood will feel very different weightwise.
    More than the wood itself, I like the fact you can customize the exact shape, length and taper. I like a longer, leaner and tapered handle myself.
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    all Stabilized Wood feel very similar to me. IMO, handle size is more important! I like little taller wa-handle; therefor, I always order custom handle+1mm taller. One thing to consider is that desert ironwood is significantly heavier than some burl wood, about 50% heavier than spalted maple, if you put ironwood on laser type knife may cause the knife on handle heavy result...

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