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Thread: Electric sharpener

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    Electric sharpener

    Just saw this one on youtube...
    I can't believe they dared to use it on single bevel knife..

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    I don't understand Japanese but maybe the attachment change is to accommodate a single bevel? But I've never been a fan of these pull through sharpeners at all..

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    yeah... the cartridge are different for single and double bevel... but man that was funny

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    How come nobody is playing "name that knife!" yet? I can't narrow it down enough.
    - Sean

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    Quote Originally Posted by JBroida View Post
    video is too blurry to read
    It's not too blurry....
    It's from KAI, obivously since it's an ad from KAI.
    関孫六 銀寿 本鋼 和包丁 出刃

    It's a blurrier picture, but that's what on the deba in the video... Well, an older version of the knife.
    The new one has english next to the kanji

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    haha... i didnt even notice that i was from kai in the video... i was trying to read the knife too hard

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    Dave do you ware a green apron like that when you sharpen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by steeley View Post
    Dave do you ware a green apron like that when you sharpen.

    Yes but it used to be white, the chromium oxide got to it.

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