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    Question Wanted: Design Input

    I drew up a few kitchen knife designs and I wanted to know if you guys could see any major design flaws. Here are some (not so good) pics.

    All of the knives will be 52100 I think. Is that good as long as I send the blades out for HT?

    Some paring knives.
    4" blade and about 4" handle

    1.25" tall

    .0935" thick stock.

    The lines would be nice and straight when I actually make them, but it was hard to cut them out perfectly.

    A 240mm gyuto, a 7" chef's knife, and a 8" chef's knife.

    4-4.5" handle

    .125" thick stock

    The handles on all of the knives would be a bit different but I didn't want to have to cut out the knife again.

    Thanks for looking!

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    I think you need to get a decent Japanese gyuto and study it. You will do yourself a favor down the road.

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    *Note - OP is making these knives for himself. He does not sell knives.

    Good luck with your project Erdbeereis

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    My first impression was that the style you like is similar to Bob Kramer's knives.
    I didn't want to take his images and post them here,
    but I would suggest doing a Google image search and look at his knives,
    and then decide what changes you want to make while retaining the style you like.
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