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Thread: Gesshin Ginga vs. Sakai Yusuke Ks clone

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    Most lasers will exhibit a degree of flex, especially when torsional forces are applied. I try to always keep the blade perpendicular to the board, unless i'm making lateral cuts, but the forces are still applied the same, pressure on the too of the spin and underneath side of the handle.

    Because Yusuke's are very thin and in my case Special Thin (1.6mm for my 240 Gyuto), very litle effort (force) is needed to cut through products. Its more about understanding the uses and limitations of the profile. For me they're da bomb.

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    Quote Originally Posted by panda View Post
    how stiff is the 2.2mm blade? hate flex in knives.
    I have a standard 270 gyuto in white #2, I think it's prolly 2.4mm as LoL said, and the KS clone at 2.8mm is much stiffer. It doesn't have as much taper as the standard which makes it stiffer along the entire length, but as the tip drops lower to the board it gets into the thinner part of the grind so the tip is still very thin. I also have a 300 210 suji which are very thin, not as thin as Mucho's special, and they have a bit of flex. really makes me concentrate on cutting straight.
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    Wonder if 270 standard blade but with flatter profile can be ground shorter to 240mm but still have a nice taper with very thin tip.

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