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Thread: Gay Blade?

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    Gay Blade?

    I bought this 8 incher back in the late 90s, and it was my first real chef's knife. It was pretty beat up, bent tip, knicked edge. But I straightened it out and sharpened it and used it for ten years til I finally picked up a Shun 8" chef's knife at a gun show couple of years ago for $70.
    I picked up the scimitar recently, haven't had a chance to fix it up yet.
    Anywho, does anybody know this brand? You can imagine what kind of results you get when you punch "Gay Blade" into google.

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    Firm sold in 1985; the "Blue Grass Cutlery" company was formed in 1988, and is now ... W.R. Case and Sons made razors for this firm, marking tang with Case marking, etching "NO CUSSING" trademark on the blade. ..... and "Gay Blade Co. " ...

    I couldn't find exactly where it is in the site but, it's there
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    They seem like good knives, they get sharp and the edge holds up reasonably well. Wish I knew what kind of steel they used.

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