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Thread: Website Changes

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    Website Changes

    I am making some cool changes to my website.
    First over time i adding a photo gallery, with blacksmith i use and some natural stones.

    You can see them here under JNS Media
    Only Iwasaki pictures added so fare, but many more to come

    Also i am updating my WIKI slowly adding some videos and more pictures.
    I have also added Add to Wishlist to the store.

    Overall i am very happy with new website it well add much more info and hope to share a lot of photos in there

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    its another new feature ?

    very interesting to see the first prototype from JNS =)

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    Maybe i will add some of the knives or stones i get to test, and just laying around in the shop

    Usually i sell them to some of my friends that dont mind that they are used or with some mistakes from the makers.
    But now i have so many of them that i maybe let some of them go for cheaper price

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