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Thread: any experience with zensho yoshikane v2?

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    any experience with zensho yoshikane v2?

    anyone tried one of these single bevels from JNS? specifically the v2s?

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    No help on the Yoshi's, but I really liked V2 as ht/ground by Kochi.

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    I've got Yoshi single bevel honesuki in V2 from Maxim. It is a very nice knife that can take very keen edge, easy to sharpen, and come with very nice fit and finish.

    I have used it mainly on chicken and duck and it performs admirably. The edge I put on it is more or less a deba style: hamaguriba with koba (high angle micro bevel), and leave the bottom part closer to the heel a bit more obtuse and robust.

    The left hand deba you are looking for is a great great deal, you can ask Bernado (who is lefty and has yoshi 180mm left hand deba) for more comments.

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    I just picked up the same honesuki. I haven't used it a lot yet, I've only broken down a few ducks, but I'm impressed with it. Grind and finish are excellent, the steel takes a superb edge quickly, and it seems fairly tough. I'd be considering them closely if I were looking for new single bevels, and they'd be my first choice if I were a lefty.

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