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Thread: Revisions to the "What Knife Should You Buy" Questions

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    Quote Originally Posted by chinacats View Post
    Nice, I think at least one of these (cutting motion) will be linked to something helpful--maybe something as simple as a video? I think Micheal's new form also offers multiple choices on a few of the ?'s which should also be helpful. Maybe take a stab at the new form and see if you think it is more helpful/useful? I do think that an important aspect of this is that it is useful for those with some/a lot of experience as well as those with very little.


    It's much improved. The vague questions are fleshed out with possible answers. I think the same could be done with the max price question, to give ranges and explanations. I still think the grip style and cutting style questions are a bit inside baseball, but reading more they seem like they are part of the forum culture, so it makes sense to keep them. I just don't know that it is possible to cut in a way that is not some hybrid of everything, and to grip in a way that is not influenced by what you are gripping. Still, big positives.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rdpx View Post
    What we should take from this is the implicit admission that Michael was rude to me after this point in the thread, which is reassuring, as I had wondered whether I was being too sensitive.

    Your reply above continues to be full of misrepresentations of what I have said in this thread, and also more wildly inaccurate and offensive imputations of my thought processes. You also seem to confuse the order in which things happened. I really wish that you would desist as it is becoming quite disturbing to me to read what you say about me. I had backed away from this and had even tried to change the subject with the furi knife and thought that you had done the same.

    Please stop this Michael, I can't really put it any more simply than that. I don't care enough about it to endure reading your awful accusations about what I am supposed to have thought or said or how petty I am supposed to be.
    You're always the first one to point the finger at someone else, aren't you Robert? That's a quote from your post. There is no accusation; that quote is fact. Unless you want to claim that some knife forum gremlin typed that, it's quite clear who was rude. And you've never taken responsibility for being the one who started with the accusations or negative tone.
    "Don't you know who he is?"

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    Robert wrote about that same text:
    I am too late to edit it
    myself, but can we agree to
    disregard my above reply?

    After that, I find Michael's reaction far from productive.

    Can you close this file??

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    Quote Originally Posted by rdpx View Post
    I am too late to edit it myself, but can we agree to disregard my above reply?

    I like this forum - it has been surprisingly fun, and is a great place to whitter on about knives and for me to do some imaginary shopping. I have no reason to have anything against anyone who posts here, the thread got out of hand. As suggested above, in a face to face situation it probably would not have happened like this.

    Michael, please accept my apologies for anything I have said that might have upset you, it was not intentional and I was only interested in helping to make something that was going to be useful to members new and old. I am sorry if my intentions were not clear.

    Apologies also to all who had to read this. In future I shall try to remain aloof.


    I thought this was a nice way to end this 'disagreement', no?
    once in a while you get shown the light, in the strangest of places if you look at it right

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    Quote Originally Posted by chinacats View Post
    I thought this was a nice way to end this 'disagreement', no?
    Yep me too, sorry KKF.
    I have tried and I have failed.

    And again, Michael, I am sorry. My reply to you telling me to start my own thread was sarcastic. It is the lowest form of wit.

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    OK.....either this thread gets healed quickly or it's getting shut down. We don't have to agree or even like each other but we will not continue down the current path.

    Let's get this back on topic...

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    Do we have to heal things Dave? Really???? I got a couple comments to say. Wait a just handed over the keys recently. You have no power over me. Muahahahahaha
    "Into a country where the jails are full, and the mad houses closed." - Charles Bukowski

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